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Eleanor E. Spring

Certified Fraud Examiner

John E. Reid
REID Certified Interrogator

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At Spring Action Forensic Examinations, Inc. (SAFE INC) and Spring Action Fraud Elimination, (SAFE) we look beyond the obvious and dig for the truth by providing forensic examinations of questionable documents such signature handwriting comparisons, business and personal records, employment records, banking records, security records, military documents, citizenship and immigration documents, resident records, medical records, birth certificates, driver’s license, vehicle and title registration records, travel documents or any other document that can be altered. After careful examination of documents supplied we will provide expert witness testimony and professionally written reports on our findings. Our fraud and forensic professionals methodically, safely, and securely acquire data evidence in a manner that preserves the data and maintains the chain of custody at all times.

At Safe Inc. and Safe it is our intention is to be of the upmost assistance to our clients, whether the client is a government agency, corporate client or an individual. Our services range from fraud prevention and detection to forensic examinations. We are engaged by attorneys, district attorneys, public defenders, police departments, investigators, banks, insurance companies, and other private entities, providing a wide range of document related services. Our experts provide services related to:

  • Fraud Examinations and Investigations
  • Interviewing of witnesses and victims
  • Interrogation of suspects
  • Counterfeit document examinations
  • Forgery detection
  • Altered documents
  • Line sequence and indented writing
  • Identification of inserted and substituted material

In addition our firm provides the following services:

Research Services
Consulting Services
Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

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