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Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud, it can happen to anyone, at anytime, we are all vulnerable, it is nerve racking and unsettling to say the least and it can cause major headaches with your credit.

At Spring Action Fraud Elimination we suggest you make copies of all your credit cards, both front and back and keep it in a safe place, this way if you do become a victim of credit card fraud you will have all the necessary information readily available.

Do not waste valuable time trying to figure out how it happened, instead call in a professional fraud investigator who will interview you, take down the facts of your case, immediately begin a fraud investigation, help you fill out a police report and put 7 year fraud alerts on your credit file.

It is not cost effective for police and credit card companies to investigate fraud cases unless thousands upon thousands of dollars are involved. Local police will take all your information and write up a report, nothing more. Credit card companies will flag your account to monitor activity but nothing more.

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

The best way to deal with credit card fraud is to avoid the crime altogether. Internet commerce is one of the most common places where credit card fraud occurs. At Spring Action Fraud Elimination we suggest that you only give out your credit card information on-line if it is secure site. You can tell if it is a secure site by looking at the address bar, if it starts with https it is secure (the “s” means it is secure) or look for a lock at the lower right hand corner.

If you are still not sure if the site is safe look for contact information, if all you can find is a telephone number and no physical address get off the site.

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