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What is a forensic mortgage audit?

A forensic mortgage audit identifies any violations performed by the lender, the mortgage broker, the lenders broker, or any other parties in conjunction with the homeowner’s mortgage.

A Forensic Mortgage Audit is a review and examination of all the homeowners documents, including the loan application, the mortgage note, any riders or addendums to the note, the HUD-1 or HUD 2 Settlement Statement, the Notice of Right to Cancel, the Truth-in-Lending disclosure and any other evidence pertaining to the homeowners real estate loan that has been funded.

How does a forensic audit work? The homeowner(s) supplies his/her assigned audit specialist with a copy (original paperwork will not be accepted.) of all of the above named paperwork together with our signed audit agreement and we’ll do the rest.

During the audit process which takes about 7-10 days, (can be expedited upon request) a skilled professional fraud examiner at SpringAction Fraud Elimination will perform an audit on the homeowners mortgage documents to determine if anything violated didn’t meet the legal requirements that were in effect at the time the loan was funded. (i/e. TILA & HOEPA Laws). At the end of the audit the homeowner(s) will receive a detailed report explaining what if any violations found and a list of agencies to report the violations to.

How do forensic mortgage audits help homeowners? A forensic mortgage audit determines violations of the laws governing lenders. Violations are the leverage used to present your case with your lender. The more violations discovered, the better your chances of obtaining a favorable settlement. The chances of a successful settlement increase with the most severe violations.

A forensic audit report provides a powerful tool for negotiating with your lender. Whether you need your loan modified or you need to sell your home as a “short sale” or even if you need to have your loan rescinded, your lender will be motivated to work with you when you have evidence of their violations.

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