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Identity Theft Recovery

According to both the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission the emotional impact of identity theft is similar to that suffered by victims of violent crimes.

Will you know what to do if your identity is stolen?

Notifying your credit card and banking institutions is only the first step.

Don't allow yourself to be victimized twice. No matter what your banking or credit card institutions tells you, they will not perform a fraud investigation, they will flag your file located within their own organizations and remove your liability. But that does not stop the thief from using your information to make purchases, get a job using your name or collect income tax under your name.

If your identity has been stolen you must act quickly, in a matter of minutes your information can be sold and resold dozens of times for a profit to anyone willing to pay the price. Time is not on your side, the sooner you speak with an identity theft crisis intervention specialist the sooner you'll receive professional help and the sooner you'll be able to recover from your crisis.

Identity Theft can takes years to recover from unless you hire a professional fraud investigator who will immediately do a complete and through fraud investigation in order to reduce your liability, minimize your stress, stop the insanity, notify the credit bureaus, place fraud alerts on your credit files, help you regain control over your situation, work with local police and other government agencies to track down and stop your thief.

Eleanor E. Spring is a certified leader in the field of identity theft and identity theft risk management. Her knowledge and experience in understanding how identity thieves operate has helped put hundreds of these criminals behind bars. Often times when a person's identity is stolen, the thief is someone known to the victim. Many times it is a family member, a friend or even a co-worker.

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