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Senior Citizen Fraud

Created in May 2007, our Senior Abuse Unit investigates those who cheat, deceive, scam or abuse our New York Seniors. The unit is comprised of fraud investigators, interrogators and support staff.  A special section within the Unit run by Eleanor E. Spring educates the public about senior fraud and abuse and teaches people how to avoid being victimized.

Senior Abuse questions or complaints are received on our toll free Senior Abuse Hotline at
1-877-643-3287.  Our well trained staff help expedite assistance to senior citizens by providing information, helping with paperwork, making telephone calls and when necessary making personal visits to the victims home for one-on-one victim counseling.

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In New York State there are roughly 2 1/2 million seniors, with 13% being 65 or older with the fastest growing segment of the New York population being 85 years of age or older.  Frail and care dependent, our seniors are often susceptible to abuse, including physical and mental abuse, financial exploitation and neglect. 

Statistically, senior citizens are favored targets for many kinds of consumer fraud including identity theft, payday loan scams, charities, telemarketing and sweepstakes fraud. Because of the various state agencies, local law enforcement, criminal investigators, fraud examiners and prosecutors who resolve cases of senior victimization, it may be difficult to know where to report certain senior abuse concerns. 
A call to our toll free Senior Abuse Unit
1-877-643-3287 will allow anyone to report the abuse, neglect, financial exploitation or victimization of an older New York citizen to receive the necessary assistance to help address questions efficiently and expeditiously.

For more information or to setup a free
consultation call 877.643.3287

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