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Senior Tips

Be Alert / Be Aware

Playing a role in preventing senior abuse, the following tips are recommendations for family members or caregivers to identify senior abuse:

  • Be attentive to the seniors physical well-being.  Look for any abrasions, bruises, fractures, burns or any other injury as these may be the warning signs of physical abuse.

  • Look for signs of psychological abuse such as threats, intimidation or humiliation.  Signs may include low self-esteem, withdrawal, extreme changes in mood, suicidal behavior, confusion or disorientation.

  • Be watchful of signs of neglect, such as poor hygiene, malnutrition, improper medication, or soiled clothing.

  • Look for an unusual or large bank account withdrawal.  This may be a sign that someone is exploiting the senior person's financial resources.

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Keep an eye out for the common signs that a senior may be falling prey to a scam, such as frequent calls from telemarketers, shoddy home improvement work, numerous product purchases or ongoing charitable or religious donations.  The loss of what may seem a minimal amount of money to someone with an average income may result in a senior person having to go without food, medication or possibly his or her home.


  • Talk about their daily activities and contacts to ensure that nothing unusual is occurring or being concealed.   

If you have any reason to suspect that a senior person may be victimized in any way, call our toll free number immediately at 1-877-643-3287, or email us at
We also offer free presentations to senior and civic groups on a variety of topics including How to avoid scams used by con artists who often target older New Yorkers and The fastest growing white collar crime in America, identity theft. 

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