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Stop the abuse today!

Financial fraud, neglect, abandonment, physical, emotional, verbal, mental and sexual abuses are things that many of our seniors face daily. Many are afraid to speak up out of fear of being labeled as having dementia, or Alzheimer’s, and so they suffer alone in silence and in pain during what is suppose to be their “Golden Years”.

We’ll stop your senior’s pain and suffering through Education and Awareness

At Spring Action Fraud Elimination (SAFE) we feel their pain and suffering and we understand that as adults you lead busy lives, many of you are raising families, or working full times jobs and you just don’t have the time to devote to looking after an aging mother, father or other family member.

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Our senior abuse education program is designed to increase public education and awareness on senior abuse, you’ll learn how to identify those seniors who are most susceptible to abuse and those at high-risk of being abused. Our senior abuse course will teach you how to spot the abuse, who to report the abuse to, how to intervene on behalf of the senior and the community resources available to assist seniors in recovering from the abuse.

Who should take our senior abuse training course?

- Family members
- Professional caregivers
- Aides and Companions
- Directors and other not-for-profit healthcare professionals
- Directors and other for profit healthcare professionals
- Doctors
- Nurses
- Dentists

For more information or to setup your classroom training call 877.643.3287

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