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    Our employee theft software package provides you with a 360 degree protective perimeter around your business and all of your employees' computer activity.

    Monitoring & Detection

    Defends your business from all insider threats, given today’s mobile workforce, solutions that only work in the network are of limited value. Many of today’s solutions are network-based and thus do not provide coverage to remote or traveling employees. Our endpoint agent architecture uniquely delivers Web Filtering everywhere your employees go in the office, at home or on the road.

    Data Lock

    Protects customer and patient data, credit card numbers, social security numbers, intellectual property or anything that is considered confidential from going where it’s not supposed to go.

    Employee Monitoring

    • Monitors all communications (email, instant messages, webmail)
    • Takes screenshots of any desired computer activity
    • Records all keystrokes if desired
    • Cutting edge web filtering (controls web surfing and blocks access to inappropriate websites)
    • Blocks access to time-wasting software programs such as (games, video players, music, social media, and more.
    • You set the time schedules for when applications can be used

    Data Loss Prevention

    Patented technology blocks confidential data from leaving your organization via email, email attachments or USB devices such as flash memory sticks. Scans the content before it has a chance to leave your organization and determines whether or not a policy violation is being committed. If there is a violation, it blocks the action. Even works on laptops that never connect to the corporate network.

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